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> 根据划分为七类,共46种通用行为技巧(创新,灵活性,果断,交互,专注,组织,效率)和六种个人品质(创新,乐观,不稳定忍耐性,精益求精/方法,自信,连理心)得出量化结果
Quantitative results on 46 indicators grouped into seven universal behavioural skills (innovation, flexibility, assertiveness, interaction, attentiveness, organisation, efficiency) and six personal resources (creativity, optimism, tolerance of uncertainty, precision / method, self-confidence, sensitivity to others)

International sample results presentation

to compare the candidate to the market. 国际范围样例展示会,候选人与市场比较

A text section giving a more precise profile description

for improved assimilation of the results by the appraisee and an open, participatory feedback interview.

The appraiser has access to a more comprehensive report

with suggested questions in line with the score levels achieved. This guide allows the appraiser to add depth to the interview and obtain precise details regarding a potential issue. 鉴定方介入更为复杂的报告程序,匹配提问与得分区间。这一步让鉴定方深入面谈环节,获取可能潜力的准确细节.